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When waste goes to a Landfill, the natural decomposition process produces Landfill Gas (LFG), which can be recovered and harnessed to provide environmental and economic benefits to landfills, energy users and the community. LFG recovery projects reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, help improve air quality, and create an alternative energy source. Methane gas is one of the main components of landfill gas, and can be harvested to our advantage which also reduces emissions into the atmosphere, where it would act as a potent greenhouse gas.
Landfill Gas collection begins when a portion of the landfill is closed to additional waste placement and collection systems known as Gas Wells are installed in it, either in horizontal trenches or vertical wells. Flares are placed to burn LFG when it is necessary to control emissions during startup or downtime of the energy recovery system.  LFG is collected and treated so that energy can be recovered from it, mostly in the form of electricity and heat. It can also be used as a cost-effective alternative for fueling combustion. Technologies already exist and are being further developed for its use as vehicle fuel. SEE DIAGRAM BELOW
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